FCJ Center in Manila


Bagong Silangan is the Philippines. They have all sorts of wonderful projects available for people who live and work around the Payatas dumpsite in Manila.

You might like to go onto their website and take a look at some of the products made by the women in the income generating projects.


The FCJ Learning and Development Center was founded by the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus in May 2002. It is situated in a relocation site close to one of the dumpsites in Manila. The Center serves approximately 750 families in the area and offers a variety of services including;


• Medical Services
• House Renovation
• Water Tank Construction
• Training of Block Leaders
• Ecological awareness

• Skills Training for Youth
• Alternative Learning Systems
• Street Education for Children
• Scholars
• KABASI Youth Organization
• Tutoring in English for High School and College students
• Children’s Corner

• SIPAMCO Cooperative
• Gift Bag making
• Card making
• Bead jewellery making
• Baking
• Food Processing
• Sewing

• Painting Lessons
• English Lessons
• Cultural Dance
• Aerobics

• Encouragement to develop their skills and to continue to play their part in the community
• A forum for their concerns
• Social activities
• Educational seminars
• Help with documents
• Special support for malnourished elderly persons

One Response to “FCJ Center in Manila”

  1. Claire fcJ Says:

    How wonderful to see details of the Learning and Dvelopment Centre and to be reminded of the wonderful work done there. It is a place to be rightly proud of.

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