What the earth produces – a tertian’s reflections


This last week has been another very wonderful one for me, with lots of beautiful experiences from the most simple of things. Working with the land I have been reminded of the sacredness of things, and the interconnectedness of things.

I have been working in the organic garden at White Violet this week. Every morning has begun by picking tomatoes from 350 tomato plants! Then there are other things to harvest – peppers, squash, carrots, pumpkins, and many others. The produce (see the slides below for some photos) is then cleaned and sorted ready for either the market, the kitchens at the centre, the CSA or the soup kitchens.

I have enjoyed the early morning work, with the sun rising and the chill of the night just lifting. There is something special about that time of day, something that makes me grateful.

“Awe enables us to perceive in the world intimations of the divine, to sense in small things the beginnings of infinite significance, to sense the ultimate in the common and the simple; to feel in the rush of the passing the stillness of the eternal.”

Abraham Heschel

Later in the morning there are other tasks – pulling weeds, picking and drying basil… tasks that have connected me with the land, with the richness of the earth, and with the care and time involved in food production.

I love coming in at lunchtime covered in mud and ready for a meal!

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