A week working with the alpaca herd – Exploits of a Tertian


I have spent a week working with the alpacas here at White Violet. They are beautiful animals; gentle, curious, social. Everyday when we go to the pasture they run over to see what is going on, to be near, maybe to get food.

Very quickly I discovered that they each have their own ways, their own personality and place within the group. They are a herd animal, so some of their behaviours are herd instinct behaviours, but within that I have learned to differentiate some of the needs and preferences of the particular creature. One likes to be fed in one place, another likes to be close and follow you round, others are loners or shy and nervous.

I have found working with them is very calming. I am busy with my hands but my mind is not full of ‘stuff’. I can just BE. It is very calming and contemplative work, made more so because of the nature of the animals.  There are usually three or four of us working together, and often in those early hours of the day as the sun is rising over the fields we just work quietly with each other – each of us lost in our own thoughts.

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