Welcome and Hospitality – exploits in Tertianship


I arrived at St Mary-of-the-woods, Indiana two days ago. I am here for a month as part of my Tertianship. We begin this time of formation with some ‘personal time’ during which we are encouraged to find something to do that will help us move from the ordinary busyness of our normal ministry towards a more reflective time.

I have chosen to come to the White Violet Centre in Indiana where I am staying with the Sisters of Providence. I will explain more about the Centre and what I am doing here over the next few days… I want to begin today by saying how lovely a welcome I haveĀ received since I have arrived here. The photo shows the community house where I am staying – there are about 40 sisters in the house here, and many others who are visiting. Everyone I have met has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and a part of the group – from showing me round, sharing their resources, inviting me to social events… It has been a really wonderful experience of hospitality for me , and I am sure that in itself will leave me with much to reflect on and to rejoice about!


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One Response to “Welcome and Hospitality – exploits in Tertianship”

  1. Claire fcJ Says:

    I really look forward to hearing about the centre and what you are doing. May it be enriching and renewing.

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