Every two months or so the religious women and men in our local area are asked to form the choir for Sunday Mass.  It is our turn again this weekend – we are responsible for leading the singing at the Saturday evening Mass.  We have spent several night this week having choir practices and finally tonight we began to sound like a choir!  I am neither a great musician nor a great singer but I love singing and I really enjoy the opportunity to sing with others.  What was very lovely tonight was that there was a point during the practice when I suddenly discovered that our singing had become a prayer.  It was a beautiful experience to find myself part of a group who were singing both prayerfully and joyfully.  I hope we manage to make a prayerful sound tomorrow evening…


  1. Claire fcJ Says:

    I would love to be there to hear you. May it go well!

    Another lovely thing happening tomorrow, Sunday, is that the gospel choir from the FCJ school in Central London will be on a special edition of ‘Songs of Praise’, a weekly religious programme broadcast by one of the British television channels. The programme is a prayer-filled remembrance of the tragic events of 9/11.

    May all this choral singing praise God and bring a little more peace and harmony into our world.

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks for telling us about “Songs of praise” Claire. How lovely to spread peace and harmony through music and song…

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