One of the lasting memories of August 2011 in Britain will surely be the scenes of rioting and looting that have shocked us in recent days.  We have to ask ourselves why such violence can so easily erupt and what such actions are telling us.  The causes of such aggressive and explosive behaviour are many and complex.  Do we as people of faith have something to offer?  Surely we do.  As Christians we have a vision of a world in which all people are of value and are worthy of love and respect.  Right now, we are called to insert ourselves in our wounded society and to be a healing and reconciling presence.  We are called to be there for victims and for perpetrators and to work with others to build a better future for all those affected by the anger and aggression of recent days.  We are called to work actively to transform our shocked, confused and divided society  through love – and to spend ourselves in the effort.  We are facing a tough challenge – but together we can do this – let’s stand together, work together and pray together for a better tomorrow for all….

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