East Africa


The recent images that have reached our TV screens from the worsening drought and resulting famine in East Africa have left me with just a very simple question: What can I do?

Obviously there are appeals for aid, and hopefully there will be ways in which I can contribute finances, but also I am left wondering what I can do in my own little sphere of influence about some of the factors that contribute to the crisis that occurs each time the rains of East Africa fail. How can I shift my living so that their lives are less precarious?


3 Responses to “East Africa”

  1. Angela Shintani-Sandrowicz Says:

    Eating less meat and using less animal products are easy ways for everyone to help. The effects of factory farming is having serious repercussions on our environment, and in respect to East Africa’s droughts, global warming. It may not seem immediately connected but if everyone does their part it will make a huge difference.


  2. Lynne fcJ Says:

    Thanks Angela – that is a simple and practical suggestion that many people will be easily able to do – when we really begin to examine our lifestyle there are small changes that can make a big contribution.

  3. MaryAnne fcJ Says:

    Yes, I was also really touched and moved by the scenes on the news. I was made aware of the fact that in our supermarkets we get flowers from Kenya. There is something very wrong in the fact that western consumers are taking away precious water from our Kenyan sisters and brothers who need it for crops and basic needs.

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