On Sunday 5th June the Church celebrated World Communications Day.  I was very struck by the Pope’s reminder that we are to be thoughtful in the way we use all means of communication ( especially cell phones and internet etc.)  I am glad to be reminded that I need to keep the QUALITY in my relationships with others and in the way I relate to people.  It made me think back to some of the deep conversations I’d had recently and also gave me a nudge to keep in regular contact with those I care about.  I challenged myself one step further…What about those who have no one to talk to?  Can I make time to listen to those who are longing to share their lives with someone?  I want to try and do this for others…I wonder if anyone else does?


  1. Aura Says:

    Thanks Clare for sharing this. It is interesting and I found lots of things resebling my experience. …About the longing to share the life story. Don’t know if you’ve noticed what difference it makes for people to tell their stories. At my work I support different people to live their lives. We have to follow support plans and so on. Unfortunately, talking and chating is not included in them. We are even discouraged to ‘counsel’ people! Anyway… I always make sure I spend some time talking to people I support [at no extra cost ha ha]. Sometimes they say same stories, sometimes something that has been bothering them for a while. They often say that most people who support them come, do their job and go but I believe that listening has to be a very important part of our work. When I come back people’s faces brighten up. …The work becomes much more fruitful and people feel more valued.
    In my other work where I speak with people, they ask whether they can talk about this or that with me and I often find myself saying ‘I am here for you.’ People find it useful to share things if they are given space and time which are otherwise not very available these days.
    …So yes, it is so important to share your life story/ies. God send us people who have good listening ears! ..There are so many people who need to feel human again, who need to tell their stories to feel that their lives haven’t been worthless.

    Good luck.


    • clarefcj Says:

      Thanks for your comment Aura and for sharing the way you listen to and support people. It seems to me that you are one of the people that God has sent to others as a good listener.
      Thank you for the work you do for others.

  2. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    The thing that I find really compelling about telling my story—most recently about the terrible tornado that destroyed a six mile (10 kilometer) long path through my city and how I have been living through its aftermath–is that, in the telling, I find new aspects of what happened that I hadn’t appreciated before. Sometimes, I find God in a new way… Sometimes, I become aware of a grief I hadn’t realized I was carrying…. Sometimes, I’m just left wondering at the mysetry of it all… When people listen with their hearts, it makes a huge difference!!!!! i try to always listen with my heart, too!!!!!

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