Please join with us in this using this prayer prepared by Srs Inez and Rachel FCJ…


Today, throughout the world, we are celebrating Vocation Sunday.  The world is in great need of more people who are ready to listen to the call of Jesus and to work with Him for the “salvation of souls”: the fullness of life in joyful union with God.  We pray today that more and more young people will be ready to open their hearts and minds to Jesus, to be captivated by him and to follow his call.

Prayers:  Response:   Hear our prayer

Lord, we thank you for the gift of vocation to be a faithful companion of Jesus. Grace us with a heart that is on fire and faithful in living this call.  In your goodness…..

Lord, through the flame of fire that we radiate through our lives, may the radiance of Christ shine out ever more brightly as the light of the world.   In your goodness…..

Lord, may we be ready to proclaim your love so that more and more people may know and love you.    In your goodness……

Lord, in this increasingly noisy world, give to us – and especially to young people – a heart that is able to hear your call.    In your goodness…..

Lord, we pray for young people who are now contemplating a vocation to religious life. Show your love to them and give them the courage to answer “Yes.”   In your goodness……

Closing prayer (The refrain of a song by Br Michael Herry FMS)

Light a fire on the earth, a fire on the earth. Be seized by the love of God, a fire on the earth.

Light a fire on the earth, a fire on the earth. Be the hands and feet of Christ to all the world.



  1. PK Says:

    You may be interested in the following blog post with a quote by Fr William Doyle SJ, a remarkable priest who died as a martyr of charity in World War 1. It also contains links to his classic pamphlets on vocations which encouraged many vocations during and after his lifetime.

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