Recently I have been considering a choice / decision that I have to make that seemed quite straight forward. In fact I thought I had almost decided what I would do. However, I realised today that I felt more courageous about the decision ahead of me, and about the various options. Noticing the feeling of courage made me recognise that I had been feeling anxious or a bit fearful about the possible outcomes of my choice.

When I reflected on the change I felt in myself, I realised that it came as a result of feeling encouraged. It was perhaps the first time when I could honestly say I linked the two – courage, and encouragement.

It also made me reflect on times when I have tried to be encouraging to others.. to help them to find the courage they need to face their own challenges.

Marie Madeleine, the FCJ foundress reminded her sisters to have ‘courage and confidence… above all great confidence’. May that be our prayer for all we meet.

One Response to “Courage”

  1. Alicia Pérez fcJ Says:

    One thing that is being especially helpful to me these days is paying careful attention to the “spirits” or movements withing me. Some times even in the midst of complicated situations, I feel courage, deep joy, hope… and others I feel moody, frustrated, discouraged…

    I can see then how God is leading me and supporting me in the midst of difficulties and how the “bad spirit” tries to discourage me and forget the joy and hope that I experience as God’s gifts. Just realizing the dynamics gives me a sense of peace.

    PS: More on the “spirits” in for example.

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