Of Gods and Men


I recently watched this film ‘Des hommes et des dieux’ – I wonder if you have seen it? It is the story of a group of French monks who were killed in Algeria in 1996.

The film deals with the events leading up to the death of the monks and particularly the way in which they discern whether they will stay in the monastery or move away from danger.

I found the film very moving throughout, as we saw each monk come to their own sense of peace as they face into the big questions about the meaning of their life and commitment. There are some beautiful reflections on religious life in it, and on human frailty and strength.

If anyone has seen the film I would love to hear your reflections.

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3 Responses to “Of Gods and Men”

  1. marijoxe Says:

    Dear Lynne,
    After having read your comments, I am going to see it! I will try to bring some reflections.

  2. marijoxe Says:

    I loved the silence in the film: time to reflect, to accept their choice, the future… The anguish, the acceptance, the doubts… They are convinced of their commitment and faith, yet in the film is shown the struggle and/or surrender they have to go through. Personally, I was grateful to see their commitment/offering to Jesus, to bring love and peace.

  3. Breda Bresnihan Says:

    When I read Bernie’s comment, the thought whch came to my mind was the theme of the visit of Benedict XV1 to the U.K.
    ‘ Heart speaks to heart’. How the monks responded spoke to your heart, Bernie, and your comment spoke to mine !
    Haven’t seen the film yet but cant wait to do so now !.

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