Peace and Busyness


Teaching in school is always a bit hectic, and certainly as we approach the Christmas holidays it always seems to be more so; there are Christmas exams, Christmas plays, Christmas Concerts, Advent services, Christmas dinners… the children get higher and higher with excitement, whilst the staff try to juggle a thousand things without ‘losing the Christmas spirit’. It is a busy time!

Yet, it seems also that it’s a time of generosity and peace… the busyness and chaos draws out a sense of working together, people will help out with all sorts of odd requests (I just left our caretaker hanging a gigantic star from a basketball net!) and there is a sense of tolerance and fun amidst the hurrying.

May all the preparations help us to grow in appreciation of others who share our lives, and inspire us to a greater generosity.

3 Responses to “Peace and Busyness”

  1. Ana Says:

    I’m glad I came across this blog!

    I was determined to have some peace in my life this Christmas .

    I wondered what would hapen if I didn’t buy any Christmas presents this year, since this seams to be the major source of all my stress this time of year. I am not a shopper by nature. I dread shoping malls and the thought of facing yet another parking lot full of drivers suffering from road rage makes my skin crawl.
    I did my Christmas baking and opened my door to family and friends.
    Fearfull of how people were going to respond to find I had no gifts to offer them, I quickly turned to God and asked Him to get me out of this one. After all , I was sure He had a hand in it from the start!
    To my surprize

  2. Lynne fcJ Says:

    The rest of the comment didn’t save Ana… and I would love to hear how people reacted…

  3. Ana Says:

    Hi! I’m back. Sorry about this. My Jack Russell terrier likes to get in on the action and this time she ran right across my keyboard.

    In conclusion to my previous comment, I have to say that after the initial shock and disbelieve, people were quite supportive of my decision to refrain from buying presents this year.
    I found that instead of the focus being on the gifts, the conversation was now firmly fixed on what the real meaning of Christmas is.
    For the most part, people will wish one onother a Merry Christmas but they don’t take much time elaborating on what this time of year actually means to them.
    We had quite the engaging discussion.
    I stand by my decision of not buying gifts. It will be interesting to see what happens next year.


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