It is now almost four weeks since the first of the most recent eruptions and some of those evacuated are still in temporary shelters.  Even though most people are beginning to find their way home we all know that this crisis is far from over – indeed in some ways the worst is yet to come.  Thousands upon thousands of families have lost everything: their homes, their crops and their livestock.  In some places the land is scorched and barren; in others the volcanic ash has totally destroyed the vegetation including the rice fields, and the fruit and vegetable plantations.  The water supplies have been seriously disrupted and in some cases poisoned with volcanic matter.  Not only is there a shortage of drinking water but the fish have died.  In a situation like this it is hard for some people to hold on to hope.

In our own small way we are trying to help where we can and especially trying to help people to look to the future.  In some cases we are continuing to supply basic foods and other essential supplies.  We are planning for two major projects: funding income generating schemes and paying school fees.  Hopefully, we can support a good number of families until they are once more able to support themselves.

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  1. ignatius kuncoro Says:

    It is true Sr. I never visited the refugees. To eat every day they have a lot of help. The problem, after they return to their homes, they are still confused.

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