The total number of people displaced by the recent eruptions of Merapi is now more than 300.000.  Along with thousands of others we are doing what we can to help.  We have established an emergency post in our house and from here we are distributing all manner of goods for example: water, dried food, clothes, blankets, medicine etc…

We are also cooking food and sending it out to some of the shelters.  We (and our friends) are cooking up to 1000 meals a day.  Tonight we are preparing food for 600…We’ll be peeling onions and garlic and frying smoked fish.  Early tomorrow morning some of the women in our parish community will cook the vegetables and others will cook the rice.  As soon as the food is cooked some of our young friends will come to help us wrap the food in newspaper. It will then be taken immediately to one of the general kitchens where it will be distributed.  After a brief rest the whole process will be repeated with a slightly different menu.

When I think of all the ordinary people throughout Yogyakarta who are cooking meals – between us feeding thousands – I am reminded of the story of the feeding of the five thousand in the Gospels.  I am sure that Jesus is present with us today and giving thanks to God for this great act of love.

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  1. maryrosefcj Says:

    Thank you for all that you are doing with others and in the name of Faithful Companions of Jesus.

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