A Holy Island


In the next couple of weeks I will be leading a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne, a Holy Island just off the North East of England. At low tide the island is accessible by foot across a pilgrim causeway which the monks used when St Cuthbert lived on the Island and travelled through the North East bringing the Christian message to that part of the country.

One thing I love about visiting Lindisfarne is that arriving on the island there are usually lots of visitors – people who take advantage of the low tide and visit the picturesque island. Then a few hours later the place stills as all the visitors leave before the tide returns, cutting the island off once again from the main land. So few visitors remain on the island at high tide that the shops and cafe’s close, leaving a sense of quiet, stillness and peace.

There is a hymn from Lindisfarne that compares the rhythm of  ebb and full tides  to the busy and quiet times of life … how we need the active, outward looking times as well as the quiet and reflective moments.

If you are a young adult living in the UK and would like more information about the Lindisfarne pilgrimage, please contact us.


One Response to “A Holy Island”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks for this Lynne…On reading your post it made me long to be right there in Lindisfarne! One thing I love about Lindisfarne and other similar places in the North East is that you can feel the presence of God there and also the spirit of those early missionaries who came to bring the Gospel. May we continue to have women and men today who are willing to bring that same Gospel to today’s people…

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