Come Follow Me


Today is the Feast of St. Matthew.    The Gospel tells us that Jesus “saw” this tax collector and said simply, “Follow me”.  I am reflecting on this Gospel in the context of the life stories I am hearing these days at Duke Divinity School. The First Year students are sharing the stories of their calls.  It is amazing the wide variety of ways God finds to extend that invitation of “Follow me”.  Just today one young man was telling us about working with the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, and how that has inspired him to do international ministry.  He comes from a Baptist background, but he does not feel especially attached to that tradition now.  So… he is wondering what church or faith group will anchor him in his efforts to be a bridge between the rich and the poor of this world. Hearing his dilemma makes me appreciate belonging to the Society, which provides an anchoring for our ministries wherever we are. An FCJ can move to different countries and find herself among sisters who share a common vision and a common history. This kind of spiritual and psychological support is one of the many gifts of religious life.

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  1. Ash Says:


  2. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    I have been very busy these past weeks. The semester is in full swing, my teaching schedule is full, the masters students have taken their comprehensive exams, we are recruiting for next year’s students, and I had knee surgery! Thus, I haven’t logged on and read this blog in a while. I was so struck with Joanna’s notion of what anchors us……. As a Catholic Christian, I am anchored by the Sacraments, by the tradition of the Church, by the communion of Saints…all of which lead me to Jesus, my Companion and Savior. I am anchored by my faith in a God who is so much larger than all my concerns, projects, relationships–and yet a God who chooses to companion with me! What anchors me cannot be seen, and yet is more present than the air I breathe! I wonder, do the people with whom I work and live perceive in my life choices, in the ways I treat people, and in my everyday words and actions the effects of my Catholic Christian life? Do young women ever look at me and my life and think, “I, too, would like to be a Faithful Companion!”???????

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