Discerning Together


This summer the FCJ Sisters in Europe met together to talk about aspects of our lives together. We live in seven different countries in Europe, we speak a range of different languages and have different cultures… if you didn’t know us you might think that it would be difficult for us to find common ground! During our days together we had a number of decisions to make… important choices that will effect our lives significantly. In many ways there was a lot at stake!

And yet the meeting was marked by unity not tension. We quickly identified the essentials of our lives and worked hard to listen to each other, to pray and reflect about what we heard and to keep focussed on the gospel values that unify us. When I came away from the meeting I felt that we had really discerned together as a group. We had achieved together something that was greater than the sum of the individual parts, and we had made choices that were about the mission of Jesus rather than any individuals agenda. An example of religious life at its best!

One Response to “Discerning Together”

  1. Maryrose Dennehy Says:

    Well written, Lynne and well done to all present.This was a very hopeful outcome. I have read the FCJ Blog many times, but this is my first comment!I hope all further gatherings will be just as succesful

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