If the flowers could speak…


I admire people who love gardening. I realize (from afar!) that it can be a very spiritual activity, and one can gain many insights about life, about oneself, about God. In spiritual direction over the years, people have spoken to me about how they meet God in the garden. For one thing, I think they come in touch with beauty, a very attractive attribute of God. Also, participating in the growth process brings a lot of joy…
While visiting the FCJs here in Alabama, I can see that the flowers “speak”, in a way! What I mean is that Sr. Madeleine’s flower garden is way in which she networks with a whole range of people.Without talking about God or Church or prayer or love, conversations happen over the exchange of seeds, bulbs, or potted plants….conversations which communicate delight in beauty, a generous heart, joy in growth and possibilities. Isn’t this a simple way to communicate about love, about life, about creation, about God? Ignatian spirituality tells us that we can “find God in all things”. The language of flowers is one such way…


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