Looking beyond the obvious


From the top window of our house we look down into the back yards of all the houses along our street. The fronts of the houses are on view to everyone, and most people try their best to make them neat and nice to look at. The backs are fairly private, with only a few neighbours able to see in.

The first house stores cardboard from their business in their yard, and there is always a line of washing out – signs of work in an area of high unemployment. In the next house they have turned their tiny yard into a little oasis – with chairs and a wood burner and a little canopy to provide privacy and shelter… further down the street there is a house with fourteen rabbits hopping around!

We are all different, and how we choose to deal with life varies tremendously, even among people in a seemingly similar situation. At first glance the row of back yards that we see could be considered quite ugly… but when you stop to think about the lives that are represented in those spaces there is a hidden beauty!


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