To those of you who are praying for Hartini and Herlina as they make the Spiritual Exercises, thank you for your prayers and support so far.  We are now at day 7 and all is well.  The Holy Spirit is very much present and the sense of God’s love around the place is very strong.  Every evening from 8.30 – 9.00 Herlina and Hartini spend time before the Blessed Sacrament and during this time they pray for each other, for you and for the needs of the world.  If you’d like to “join them” – please do – you can make half an hour of prayer at any time.  Let us know – if you want to.  We can all be united in mutual prayer and in praying for the needs of our world.  Together we can make a difference – thank you.



  1. Anouska fcJ Says:

    Thanks Clare for the update. I have the dates of the retreat on my desk so have been thinking and praying especially for you all. The gift of this retreat is beyond words. May God continue to guide all three of you. Supporting you all in prayer at this very special time.

  2. Claire T Says:

    Thank you for the news. Since the beginning I pray each day for each of you. And I know that the sisters in Kersal pray for you too. So it’s good to be connected together. And may God sustain all of you and us and also help us on the road with him. God bless you all and continue to show the way.

  3. Margarita fcJ Says:

    Clare, yang terkasih, I would like to join with Anouska – and many others – in union and prayer for you and for Herlina and Hartini during the 30 day retreat. May it bring a burst of joy, experienced in many various ways, for the whole of our earth and its peoples!

  4. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    I LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!! I will try to unite with you as many days as possible……… Love, Madeleine, fcJ

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