Today, Hartini and Herlina will be beginning their thirty day retreat.  I will be directing them.  We will take the day to settle into the retreat centre and then they will go into retreat after the evening meal.  They will take the next few days to move into the silence and to immerse themselves in God’s love.  How lucky they are to have the time and space for prayer, for spending quality time with God.  Please keep all three of us in your prayer and we will keep you in ours.



  1. Claire T fcJ Says:

    Thank you to remind this retreat. I will pray for each of you. This time is a good opportunity to live with God and to receive from and by Him.

  2. Lynne fcJ Says:

    Will be praying for the three of you as you enter into this special time.

  3. MariJoxe, novice FCJ Says:

    We will be praying from this other novitiate, for you all three.
    Rita FCJ and MariJoxe nov FCJ

  4. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    The Easter Season is such a perfect time for this 30-day retreat!!!!! May Jesus, our loving companion, walk with each of you along the Way that leads to Life!!!!! Love and prayer, Madeleine, fcJ

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