I have just returned from making my annual retreat… the theme of the retreat was

‘Christ, the Heart of our evolving Universe’

As a physicist this intrigues me – questions arising in my scientific self about the real nature of things, their purpose, and the beginning… as a teacher I am regularly asked questions such as; ‘What was there before the Big Bang?’ ‘What is the Universe expanding into?’. Good questions and ones which even the great scientific minds of our time are struggling to provide answers to – little wonder that my students are left with more questions than answers!

During the retreat we were invited to move deeper into reflection on the interconnectedness between all things, and to consider how Christ is present in all things. In the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius we come to the Contemplation to attain Love – recognising God as both Giver and Gift. Not only does God ‘gift’ us with so many things, but God’s very presence is there in all of it…

What impact does this have for us when we consider those who struggle every day to survive? When we know that our lifestyles so easily contribute to the daily suffering of so many people throughout our world? When we hear each day about natural disaster, climate change, deforestation?

“Love is found more in deeds than in words”

Sp Ex 230


2 Responses to “Interconnectedness”

  1. Claire T fcJ Says:

    Merci Lynne pour cet échange à propos de cette retraite. Oui ce fut extrêmement réflectif et profond. Cela ouvre de nouveaux horizons et nouvelles perspectives de comment dans nos vie tout est en relation et interdépendant.

  2. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    I agree with Claire. For a long time, we’ve spoken of “finding God in all things” and the language Lynne used, “interconnectedness of all things and to consider how Christ is present in all things” puts a new, fresh spin on the concept. Thanks, Lynne, for sharing something of your retreat!

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