Thinking about Vocation


This week I had to answer questions from a group of teenagers who were asking about vocation and Religious Life.  It made me think about what it means to me to be a religious sister.

The students were asking some really good and searching questions:

  • What made me decide to become a sister?
  • Have I ever regretted it?
  • What is different about my work because I am a sister?
  • Could I not just do good things and be an ‘ordinary person’ (!)

I love these sort of questions because as soon as I start talking about my sense of vocation I always realise again just how much I love religious life and just how much it is exactly the right place for me to be!  I suppose I could simply say that vocation for me is something about knowing I am in the right place, knowing I ‘fit’ and feeling a sense of joy in what I am choosing to do with my life!


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