On the first Sunday of every month we have a recollection day – it is a day of private prayer.  I really love this day and as the beginning of the month draws near I find myself longing for this extra time to spend in prayer and reflection.  Today, March 7th I took the time to focus more fully on the Jesus’ arrest and trial.  As we move on through Lent I want to try to be really ready for Holy Week and to have read the accounts of Jesus’ Passion several times.  Isn’t it amazing what Jesus did for love of us?

What love our God has for us… I want to give love in return…


  1. Madeleine Gregg, fcj Says:

    I am visiting our community in Durham, NC, USA at the moment and last night, quite a group of people came to our “FCJ House of Prayer” because they are doing a retreat in daily life. They are using the Lenten booklet from the Sacred Space folk in Ireland. I joined in the prayer at the beginning of the evening and then again at the end. In the middle, prayer guides, who had been trained by Sr. Joanna Walsh, fcJ, met with two retreatants. Everyone had time for silence and personal prayer, as well as time for personal and group sharing. It was so wonderful to be part of this evening!

    I am struck by the creativity with which FCJs craft times and spaces for deep, sustained times of prayer……. What a gift it is to us that so many join us for prayer; what a gift it is to so many people that FCJs are attentive to the ways that the ministry of prayer can be furthered!!!!!

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