Spotting God


Yesterday two unusual things happened to me.

The first was that I fainted… not a pleasant experience! It was in the middle of the working day and so everyone was busy around me, but everyone around did what they could to help. Although I felt totally helpless I also knew that I was looked after and that all would be well.

The second was that about a minute after I was brought home, a woman rang the doorbell, handed me some flowers and asked me to place them in our chapel at the feet of Mary’s statue as a thanksgiving.

Both events made me later reflect on how God is present in ordinary events – for me it was through the presence and concern of people around – for the woman who came to the door it was through some grace or blessing that she had received in her life. How often do we miss God in the simple events?

One Response to “Spotting God”

  1. MariJoxe, novice FCJ Says:

    Last Saturday, I was going to visit Maura FcJ, who is in hospital at the moment. I thought to leave home at 4pm, but immersed in my work, I didn’t check the time until the doorbell rang: there was a RCIA leader, Colette, who works alongside Maura FCJ, wanting to visit her. It was 2 minutes to 4:OOpm! I felt like God was knocking in the door for me to leave home on time!!! I went to hospital with Colette.
    It was a simple event, but to me it was a blessed happening…

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