Taize Prayer – Open To All


This evening we had Taize prayer in our community in the Baciro area of Yogyakarta.  We have this prayer on the first Wednesday of every month.  The prayer lasts for a hour, from 7.30 -8.30 pm.  It is open to anyone who wants to come and join us.  The prayer is planned and led by Hartini and Herlina, our two novices.  As the prayer was in progress tonight I gazed at the diverse group of people sitting on the floor.  I was deeply touched by the fact that what had brought us together was our love of God and our common desire to be united in prayer with God and with each other.

One Response to “Taize Prayer – Open To All”

  1. Joanna Walsh, fcJ Says:

    Tonight (March 12) my Thai neighbor and I went to a Lenten holy hour and stations of the cross at the African American parish. Diversity marked this prayer time also. Different people read the stations. There were accents from Central America, Africa, and various parts of the USA. During the time for spontaneous intercessions, I was struck by the fervent prayers of the African women. I wondered how much suffering had honed their deep faith over the years. I feel similarly about the African American women and men. Their prayer seems to come out of a depth of suffering.

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