Our Vocations Discernment Group meets again on Sunday 28th February and I have been asked to give an input on Christian Call. I have been reflecting on the different ways we can live out our Christian Call – as single persons, in marriage, as religious or priests.  Over and over again in my own mind I come back to the point that it’s all about love. However we chose to lives our lives in God’s service – the important thing is that we make that choice out of love – of God, of others, of ourselves, of life…

I am an FCJ because I love God, madly, and for me this is the best way to express that love.  I am sure that others have made equally loving choices that may be very different from mine.  It would be so good hear what choices others have made and why they made them…


  1. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    Yes, it’s all about love…. Love is at the heart of any Christian life, of any Christian call. But then we’re left with the question: WHAT IS LOVE? The first thing Paul says, which is the first thing Scripture says in a definional and descriptive way, is: Love is patient (1 Cor. 13). The root word of patience is suffering. So love, God’s love, true love, is capable of suffering….. We know what this meant for Jesus, but what does it mean for us?

    I think it means that when we love, we will suffer. That is, when my stance is to choose to BE or DO or SAY whatever will be life-giving for the OTHER, there is a cost to me. And yet, BEING a kind, loving person or DOING things that communicate God’s love for the person or SAYING things that affirm and bring life to people’s spirits is exactly a life that follows Jesus’ teaching.

    We know that we grow from God’s image, in which we were made, into God’s LIKENESS… into consistently living in ways that show the world what God is like. For me, a lot of this is about consistency. Psychologists would say we need to become “field independent” with respect to love, to initiating loving actions and states of being. This means that no matter what the people around me are doing or what they are say or how they are behaving, I need to be faithful to my commitment to love….. I need to be consistent.

    And that’s the hard part!!!!! But I know that Jesus, my Faithful Companion, is constantly pouring into my heart the graces I need to be faithful…. That’s why, for me, FCJ life has been the privilaged way of living love……… and for the gift of this vocation, which has so enriched my life, I am more grateful than I can express in words………

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