Last Sunday I went to a wedding with several members of my community: Dewi, Hartini and Herlina.  The wedding Mass was due to begin at 3.30pm.  There was a fierce storm as we set off for the church.  We wore rain capes to try and keep dry and wore rubber sandals on our feet (we carried our good sandals in plastic bags).  When we reached the church we met a chaotic scene – a powerful flash of lightning had blown out the power.  There were no lights and no sound system and there was no organ music.  Already the church was in semi darkness because of the storm and it would gradually get darker and darker as the afternoon turned into evening and as the sun went down with tropical rapidity.

As we sat in our bench I said to the others: “Let’s ask Marie Madeleine to intervene for us and ask God to bring back the power.”  The others looked at me as if I was slightly unhinged but I persevered and spoke to Marie Madeleine out loud: “Marie Madeleine, you know how special a wedding is and how sad it will be if there is no power in this church this afternoon.  At your own wedding in Bourges Cathedral your family donated the chandeliers in thanksgiving…Remember how you felt at your son’s wedding…Please intercede with God and ask that the power be returned in time for the wedding.”

As is usual here the ceremony began with a welcome at the door of the church.  As the welcome finished and the couple took their first steps into the church the choir began to sing unaccompanied…Suddenly the power returned – the church blazed with light and the organ burst into life…There was delight on every face…And a special kind of joy on mine!

The wedding was beautiful as weddings always are.  But for me there was that added joy that comes from witnessing yet another of the many small “miracles” that happen because of Marie Madeleine’s intercession.  Marie Madeleine is a woman of the people, with a heart as large as the world…I had no doubt that she would help us…I am certain that she will go on helping us – we only have to ask and she will intercede for us…Marie Madeleine intercessor for the small and humble…Pray for us…


  1. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    How wonderful! Marie Madeleine is a true companion, a true friend in heaven!!!!! May she continue to manifest her compassion, her interest in all of us, and her goodwill towards us…. May she one day be recognized as the wonderful saint she is!

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