You can make a difference


Today the quote on my calendar is;

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

I teach. Most of the time I feel as though the things I say go in one ear and out the other… and then every now and then I see that somehow I am making an impact, making a difference. More importantly, I would guess that many of my students never consider that they make a difference in my life, but almost every day I am amazed by them, and delighted by them. When I begin to consider the impact of my life on others it makes me want to be the best I possibly can be!

2 Responses to “You can make a difference”

  1. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    I, too, am a teacher. I feel very blessed by God to be called into this most wonderful profession: of preparing young men and women to teaching very young children from 4-11 years old. As my students grapple with issues of how to facilitate children’s development, how to engage them in meaningful and life-giving learning, how to provide children with positive behavior supports, and how to inspire them with a love for their own becoming, I feel great delight in recognizing that many of my students are becoming better teachers than I am!

  2. MariJoxe, novice FCJ Says:

    I have the same feeling in the places I go and I live… they (the people I meet, the youngsters I teach, the staff I come across…the FCJs I speak to) impact on me… so much! I am grateful for this my life, I am grateful to God!

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