I got up in the middle of the night a few days ago and at some point I became aware of a most wonderful fragrance coming from the garden.  I knew exactly what it was…”Wijaya Kusuma”…A flower I have already written about in an earlier post…This flower blooms at night, only once and lasts only  few hours.  I went to look for the source of the enticing perfume and found not one but two flowers – fully in bloom – their faces turned to the sky in silent adoration.  I gave thanks to God for the wonder of creation and for such a beautiful gift which had come to me so unexpectedly…Praise our Creator!


  1. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    Spring is coming to Alabama…. Yellow “snow” crocus–smaller than the regular spring crocus –are blooming in 6 places in the garden; yellow daffodils have opened in the front bed and the pansies are starting to make a great show. Bulbs are heading up all over, with the hyacinths ready to open early next week and new growth springing up all over….. I don’t know why I get so excited about these flowers: I planted them and every year they are the same colors, but I just find myself trasnported into delight each year when they start their season….. I spent some time raking the fall leaves from one of the beds and then chopping them up for compost with the new leaf chopping machine that one of our Companions in Mission in formation brought the convent. Such lovely compost we get by using it!

    I took a load of impatience cuttings (Busy Lizzie for my British friends!) and dragon wing begonia cuttings and they are growing strongly…. I’ve even taken some cuttings from the cuttings. In about 8 weeks, we will be ready to put out bedding plants and I’ll have lots to put out. I’m going to pot up the caladium bulbs this weekend, too, so they start growing and when I put them into the ground, they will already make a great show……… Although my primary reason for keeping plants through the winter is so I won’t have to pay for new plants in the spring, I must admit, I love the whole process of taking cuttings, rooting them, potting them up, and watching them flourish!!!!!

    My gardening is sort of like an allegory: I hope and pray and trust that God is doing to and for me what I do with and to and for the flowers…. I hope God is putting lovely compost into the soil of my life, whatever it might be…. I hope God is pruning me carefully, so I blossom well in my season. I hope God is weeding the spaces around me so I can flourish and grow ever more into the divine likeness God wants for me. I hope God is choosing great colors to compliment me as I live and grow and have my being………

    In the garden, it is easy to be a woman of outrageous hope!

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