I would give everything, all that I am…


Have you ever wondered about what God is asking you to do with your life?

I remember when I was first thinking about my vocation – I had a real sense of urgency in wanting to commit my life to God. I just wanted to say ‘YES’ to whatever God was asking, and I had no real idea what that might be.  I went to visit various religious communities; some contemplative and enclosed, others active and apostolic. I don’t think I had any clear restrictions or ideas about what I would or wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to… it was just important to follow whatever God was asking.  I think I always believed that it would just become really clear when I found where I should be… and it did – I knew that I would give everything, no matter what it cost.

Now, a few years down the road, I still feel inspired by that first enthusiasm, and I know that it is what carries me through some of the more difficult times. Sometimes life isn’t straight forward and easy, and then we learn a bit about what the ‘cost’ might be. Sometimes when my students ask me about religious life I tell them; ‘at some point in your life, there will be something that you know it is worth sacrificing everything else for – and that is probably where your vocation lies.’


7 Responses to “I would give everything, all that I am…”

  1. Ash Says:

    Wow…I really wish I could hit the point fully where I can say, yes, it is so worth it. Religious life is so much in my grasps and makes me smile to talk about the chance of it all. The thing is, I am still asking all the what if questions. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. clarefcj Says:

    I am with you in this Lynne…I give my all – over and over again…And I want to keep on doing so! Many years ago I read a book with the title “Costing Not Less Than Everything”..I can’t remember the content of the book but the title has stayed with me and I sometimes remind myself…That I am ready to pay not less than everything…Why? For love…sheer love of God…Our God who gives not less than everything…

  3. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    I like the way you put it, Lynne, that what we are willing to sacrifice for shows where our vocation is….. A handy hint to pass along!!!!!

    What I remember from when I was searching is a great sense of being drawn to something MORE, something unknown, unspecified, something almost uncomfortable!!!!! Now at the time, I was going to daily Mass; trying to pray the Office morning and night; teaching Sunday school; playing guitar in the folk Mass; and attending two Charismatic prayer meetings each week!!!!! And for all that, I felt kind of empty…like something was missing. Since I am a convert to Catholicism, I just kep trying to add Catholic things and activities to my life in an attempt to fill up the void. I remember sitting on the couch one day in the living room of the apartment where I was living and as I prayed, I crossed my arms over my chest and exclaimed right out loud (I lived alone), “If this is all there is to being Catholic, I don’t know why I bothered!” When I found the FCJs, that emptiness went away and I knew where God was calling me…… I still know!!!!! Thanks be to God!!!!!

  4. clarefcj Says:

    It’s great to know that we are having this conversation…thanks to all for your input…Thanks especially Ash…It is great to hear your thoughts…Keep asking the questions…Do you have any questions that we can “discuss” here?

  5. Ash Says:

    It so so so good to hear you all share! I was just visiting with the FMA again this weekend. Withing 20 minutes of showing up, they had me on my second attempt at an interview even though my app is not in. I guess I came out beaming and I was smiling more than I have about it all! I see it as it was the closest to the reality of this that I have gotten! I am not sure about questions to discuss here, or in general, but I love making connections to people!

  6. Lynne fcJ Says:

    Thanks for your sharing Ash – I remember the excitement I felt as I was discerning religious life! Enjoy it all as a real blessing!

  7. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    Dear Ash,
    May God bless you during these wonderful days of discernment and discovery! Your enthusiasm and joy are vividly communicated in your comments and sharing….. May Jesus, your Companion, lead you to springs of living water!!!!!

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