New Year’s Resolutions


I love to hear peoples New Year’s Resolutions… so maybe you would like to share yours by leaving a comment below!

Here is a suggestion, and one that I am tring to keep:

Count your blessings each day and show gratitude to the people involved.

2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Madeleine,fcJ Says:

    I am resolved to practice better communication skills and in particular, to check back with people to make sure that I have understood what they were trying to say…..

  2. Sharyn M Seymour Says:

    Whilst recovering from surgery, an unexpected tumor in my neck, I have resolved to slow my pace, take time to really be with God, to companion ever so gently others, to embrace the beauty all around me – even the parched Australian landscape, for it reminds me of the I thirst and all that it entails, all that it requires, all that it demands if we faithfully companion ever so gently with Jesus.

    I also resolve to live in deep gratitude for the goodnes I have known and experienced.

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