Today, Saturday 2nd of January 2010 we have been quietly completing the last preparations for the final vow ceremony.  Here in Soropadan we are ready for the Thanksgiving Prayer which will take place this evening.  During this prayer, which marks the beginning of our celebrations, we will give thanks for the lives and vocations of Beta, Inez and Wina and for their formation up to this point.  We will then have supper together and enjoy an hour or so of companionship before we move into a quiet night prior to the actual vow ceremony at 11am on the morning of January 3rd.

We were so touched when early this morning, Retno, a good friend of ours, arrived with some helpers to arrange the flowers, some for the house and some to be taken to the chapel.  At the same time as we were getting ready in Soropadan, all those involved in the Mass tomorrow were practicing in the chapel.  After the practice Irene FCJ made sure that the lunch venue was cleaned, she had some of her students to help her with this.  All things are going well which is great for all of us – the more we can be ready today the more calm and relaxed we will all be tomorrow, especially our three sisters making vows.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers over the next few hours…and especially Beta, Inez and Wina…This is their moment, the time of their ultimate “YES” to God as Faithful Companions of Jesus…

We keep you in our prayers too…


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