At this stage the excitement in our houses is so real you could touch it!  Our preparations are all going according to plan and everything is just about ready.  The booklets are printed and have been delivered.  We have confirmed the caterers yet again.  Yesterday several of the group went to check out the chapel and the lunch venue.  The flowers have been ordered and will be arranged on Saturday.  We are doing so well that most of us have already washed and ironed our best clothes!

Now we have the joy of welcoming our guests.  The first to arrive were Elvisa FCJ with two friends: Merelie and Ma Charo.  They arrived from the Philippines early on 30th December.  Elvisa, Merelie and Ma Charo all work St Joseph’s Boy’s Home in Maasin, an FCJ initiative.  This evening we welcomed three FCJs from Australia: Srs Barbara (our Provincial), Ann Mary and Helen Mary.  Julie Chamberlain, one of our Companions in Mission, has also come from Australia to join us on our special day.  At some point within the next few hours our three sisters from Ende in Flores will arrive.  Afra, Meita and Narni FCJ are making the journey partly by air and partly by road.  We are expecting other guests to arrive over the next two days.

Meanwhile, tonight is New Year’s Eve and when we greet the dawn of 2010 in a few hours’ time we will be praying for many things including justice, peace and joy for all.  We pray that God will bless the final vows on January 3rd.  We pray that God will bless all of you who read these words…

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