Tuesday evening, December 29th and the FCJs in Yogya gathered in Soropadan for a meeting to discuss the final stages of our preparations for the final vows, now only days away.  We went through our list of tasks, everything is proceeding, more or less according to plan.  Of course, there have been a few delays on the way:  Our three sisters tried on their vow clothes the other day: one set was too big, one set was too small, only one set was just about right!  What else?  The Mass booklet is ready for duplicating.  The choir have the hymns and been rehearsing.  The caterer is confirmed.  The bookmarks are printed.  We are all fired up and on top form…No time now to bask in the post-Christmas glow…Already we are busy – cleaning the houses and making beds – the first of our visitors is expected tonight!

At one point I paused to take a look at Beta, Inez and Wina – they were each looking excited at the prospect of the special step they are about to take.  At supper later I sat next to Beta.  She told me that she is so excited she can longer sleep at night…Lovely eh? Let’s keep these three women in our thoughts and prayers…

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