The time to the final vows seems to be running away these days…Plus, of course, we have Christmas to celebrate too!!! We made the wise decision to have three days of silent retreat from 18 – 20th  December in order to be able to focus properly on the birth of Christ.  Actually, it was amazing how we were able to let go of everything and really turn to God in prayer.  We all emerged from our silent time a little more calm and quiet.  We had had the chance to remind ourselves why we do this…For God…In order to be of service to God by being of service in our world.

Meanwhile…all the invitations have gone out.  It might strike you as a little late to be sending invitations but here the optimum time is between three to two weeks before the event…any sooner and people may easily choose to do something else on the day.  Beta, Inez and Wina are now working on their Mass booklet and on a book mark that will be given as a gift to all who attend.

I live in the same house as Inez…and all I can say is that she is radiant…Absolutely glowing!!! How lovely…Was I this joyful before my final vows I ask myself?  Yes, I think so…and in a way, I’m still glowing…in a quiet kind of way…

Thank  you for your support and prayers…Please stay with us…We will pray for all of you especially over Christmas…


  1. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    You are all very much in my prayers these days…. One advantage you have is that you have had the opportunity to do vow ceremonies on a regular basis, so you know all the steps involved and can have a regular routine and rhythm to the preparation…… I envy you that! You also have many hands to make light work!!!!!

    After 10 years of doing Companions in Mission, I now feel that I’ve got the hang of their ceremonies, too…. Guiding them through their discernment experience, remembering to ask them to write their letters to the Provincial, Trish, and to put a stamp for Canada on the letter (!), creating the booklet for the ceremony, getting it copied and assembled, organizing the readers and hearing from Trish who will receive their commitment and who has permission to make the commitment in the first place, organizing the party, cleaning house…. With just FCJs doing this work here, it’s a lot!

    May the days of celebration draw many hearts to companionship with Jesus……….. Loads of love, Madeleine, fcJ

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