As you can imagine we are in a state of high excitement here with only three weeks to go to the vows.  When it comes to vows we have a pretty good system worked out – we have our list of everything that needs to be done and we share out all the tasks between us.  The Church and the priest are booked and we are in process of sending out the invitations.  The service is planned and the choir is already practicing the hymns.  We have booked the caterer and are still finalising the menu.  A little nearer the date we’ll be making sure that our two houses are clean from top to bottom and we’ll be making beds for a good number of visitors.  As for Beta, Inez and Wina who will be making final vows – they are looking just great.  You could say they are glowing!

So far, everything is going well…No doubt there will a few crises before January 3rd comes but I am sure that we’ll cope! Join us…in heart and in spirit…and keep up the prayers.



  1. Maria Vittoria Says:

    Dear Clare, your enthusiasm is really catching. I shall join in prayer and thanksgiving during these last days of preparation. Thank you for letting us know about the lovely experience of the group in these last months. At this point I feel distances have been shortened and companionship can be lived more realistically also through communication. Lots of love and with my prayer. Maria Vittoria fcJ

  2. FOLY SANDRA Says:

    nous voulons faire des recherches sur votre institut.

  3. clarefcj Says:

    Thank you/Merci!
    For your messages of support! It is so good to know that you are united with us in heart and in prayer. I hope you know that we keep you in our prayers too…

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