On Saturday 5th December all of the FCJ sisters living in Yogyakarta gathered in Soropadan for a special prayer to welcome our five sisters who had just finished the course in preparation for final vows.  We met them at the front door with a prayer and then we all sang and danced our way into the middle of our house where we continued the prayer.  At one point in the prayer our sisters shared on some of the blessings they had received from the course and that was both moving and inspiring.  It was so good to see how “on fire” they are after their course – I think we all caught a bit of their “fire” on Saturday evening!   The prayer was followed by a meal together at which there was much laughter!

Our five sisters are now going their separate ways…Marion is on her way back to Myanmar and Yuni to Manila.  Meanwhile, Beta, Inez and Wina are with us here as we work together on the final preparations for their vow ceremony on January 3rd 2010.  For me as an FCJ one of the things I love is getting ready for a vow ceremony…It is so great to hear one of our sisters say “yes” to God as an FCJ…I say my own “yes’ all over again along with her!

Please continue to keep our five sisters in your prayers and pray too that everything will be ready for the final vows long before January 3rd…


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