The Lord-our-integrity


For the last couple of days the phrase “the-Lord-our-integrity” has been going round in my mind… it came from the liturgy for the first Sunday of Advent.

I have found it really challenging to consider; how do I live with integrity? What choices do I make in my everyday life? Am I really able to see myself as a person with integrity?

But most of all, the challenge has been in asking myself; how do I live out of the call to understand the Lord as my integrity? How do I base my life on that?

One Response to “The Lord-our-integrity”

  1. Joanna,fcJ Says:

    I find it enlightening to change questions around, as you did, Lynne.
    Instead of “How do I live with integrity?” to ask “How is the Lord my integrity?” opens a door for an expanded image of God, I think.
    Likewise, one can ask, “How am I waiting for/expecting God this Advent?” or “How is God waiting for/expecting me this Advent?” Joanna,fcJ

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