Religious Life and Sustainabiity – A Moral Imperative!


Listening to recent news items on the upcoming United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen it seems that National Governments are already hedging their bets and beginning to make only qualified promises when it comes to real action to cut our global carbon usage.  For myself, I know I have a moral obligation to do something about my lifestyle in order to live more truly as part of creation – and consequently I must chose to live in a way that promotes sustainability.  If I want to be true to myself, as a religious and indeed as a Christian, I have no choice.  If I am to honour life in all its forms and honour the life of future generations – I must live less greedily, less selfishly, more thoughtfully…more justly.  What joy to be at peace with less – and know that I am trying in my own small way to live differently for the sake of others.

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