First impressions of meeting the Sisters – Sr Anouska FCJ


I think one of the most amazing experiences I had was upon first contact.  From initally receiving the letter inviting me to a Vocations Weekend I sensed there was great life within this group of women.  When I arrived at Katherine House, I felt straight away that the missing piece of my life had just been found, like I had come home.  I couldn’t always explain this but the best image I had was that my life was a jugsaw and 3 of the 4 pieces were there but I had been searching for that sense of completeness and upon meeting the FCJs for the first time, it was there and it is a sense that has never left me.
With the FCJs I am whole (though not holy) which is what my initial thought about all religious was, that they were all very holy and I couldn’t be one because I was not holy enough.  I now realise being holy is not the essential but being whole is what leads me on each day.

(Submitted by Anouska fcJ)


One Response to “First impressions of meeting the Sisters – Sr Anouska FCJ”

  1. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    Dear Anouska,
    When I first met the FCJs, I, too, thought that I wanted to be with them and near them, to get caught up in their holiness…. I had a vision of this great body of women sweeping in heaven, and me caught up in the draft and getting into heaven on their tailcoats, as it were….. It took a long time to understand that Jesus, our Faithful Companion, does the work in us to make us Faithful Companions, too!!!!!!!!! I also had that sense of “coming home” the first time I actually met the FCJs. They were in Rhode Island, a little state I had not previously visited, and I lived in Pennsylvania. I went for most of Holy Week, and I knew right away I’d found my heart’s desire…..

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