Clare’s Vocation story


I Fell in Love with God!!!clare

The story of my “call” is quite simple really – I fell in love with God…and have been in love ever since!  As a teenager I had always loved Religious Education classes in school and decided to take the study of Scripture as one of my “A” levels.  I discovered the God of the prophets, the God of Micah, Hosea and the other Minor Prophets. I discovered the God of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.  I discovered the God who loved me personally, who was tender and seductive, the God who was passionate about me and about all others.  I discovered the God who wanted justice for all, the God who has a dream for our world – the Reign of God.  I fell in love…and knew I wanted to serve this God…And then…I studied the Gospels…and met Jesus, the human face of God…and my heart was captured forever…As I read the Gospels I said to myself…”This is so good, why don’t more people know about this?” I knew I wanted to spend my life bringing the Good News of the Gospel to others…and I wanted to do that as an FCJ.  I was taught by some of the FCJs.  I knew them, I saw the way they lived, I saw the way they ministered to others, I saw the way they prayed, I had a sense of their deep down inner peace…and I knew that that was the way in which it would be right for me to serve God and to spread the Gospel.  Of course, there are many ways to serve God, and religious life is just one of them…We each have to find what is right for us.  For me…religious life and the FCJs is the right choice

The process by which I became an FCJ was not in reality so simple…I entered at 18 and was asked to leave because at the time I was not quite ready for religious life…I left and struggled to find my way for some years…Until the persistent nudge of God finally brought me back to the FCJs ten years later…This time I was ready…and here I am another twenty three years on…More in love with God than ever, and so grateful to God for helping me to find the right way for me and the best way in which I can serve God, God’s people and the whole of creation.

(Submitted by Clare fcJ)


2 Responses to “Clare’s Vocation story”

  1. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    Dear Clare,
    What a wonderful vocation story!!!!! I LOVE the reflections you put together on Scripture and now I know that the genesis of your insight and gift was your study in secondary school!!!!! Your sharing has given me a great sense of hope!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beatrice Molyneux fcJ Says:

    Clare this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the story. I am so thankful that after the ten years you returned. Tomorrow is Holy Thursday such a day of the great love of Jesus for each one of us, for Marie Madeleine for His apostles, How did I miss seeing this previously? Keep up the great work for Jesus in Yoga.

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