Enquiring about religious life…


As someone involved in vocations accompaniment I regularly get enquiries about our Society and it seems to me that this initial step is quite a big one to take!

The initial enquiry might be to a sister that you know already, or perhaps you are asking about a congregation that you have heard about, or found on the internet, either way it can be quite daunting to first say ‘I am thinking about religious life.’!

Something I think many people are surprised to hear, is that there are quite a number of people who do get in touch asking for information;  it can seem quite an  isolated  search at times unless you know others who are asking similar questions, and that is one reason why it can be good to join a discernment group or to attend vocations weekends – just to have the opportunity to meet with others at a similar point in their life.

I think it is also good to realise that whilst you may want to find information about a specific congregation in more detail, asking questions doesnt commit you to anything! Certainly the vocations directors I know are all very happy to chat or send information and arent expecting you to ‘sign up’ at the first enquiry!

Ask questions, take your time, come and go … it is all part of the initial steps in looking at religious life, and hopefully it will be inspiring, challenging and peace-filled!


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