Discerning your vocation?


questionFor the next couple of weeks I am going to give some attention to different aspects of discerning vocation… particularly looking at religious life, but hopefully others will find some of the ideas helpful too!

Here are some of the FAQ’s that I will hopefully give some time to:

  • How do you become an FCJ?
  • How do I decide which congregation to join?
  • Where can I get information about different orders?
  • What do the various stages of formation mean?
  • Were you 100% sure when you entered?

In addition we will hear from a few people about their experiences at the different stages of formation. If you want to ask any particular questions feel free!


2 Responses to “Discerning your vocation?”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    Great idea Lynne….I am happy to answer any questions relevant to my own experience and to the work I do on behalf of the FCJs…as the person responsible for the training of novices. All questions welcome!

  2. Sr. Madeleine Gregg, fcJ Says:

    I, too, will be following this discussion with great interest! Just two days ago, a student at the University of Alabama asked me about FCJ religious life. She is interested in being part of a group that wears a habit, which we don’t, but we had quite a good discussion about what religious life offers to women:
    a chance to live with others a relationship of love of God
    depth of spirituality and community
    emphasis on deepening one’s relationship with God
    sharing the charism of the group and its values
    the joy and the specialness of religious community
    a way to be less captured by the materialism of our age
    a genuine peace and contentment
    a chance to minister with others

    I find myself coming alive in such discussions!

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