Hunger and Compassion Fatigue …This cannot be!!!


Some days ago I was challenged to look honestly at my lifestyle through the discovery that the food we waste is enough to feed the world’s hungry several times over. This afternoon I read an article in an international newspaper that states that recent cuts to food aid throughout the world is putting millions of hungry people at risk of starvation. The article describes starvation as a “silent tsunami”…Hunger is killing people and it seems that we are oblivious to the suffering of our sisters and brothers even though some of us have many times over the amount of food and other resources we need.

I feel cut to the heart by this reminder of something I have known for many years. I can still hear the haunting melody and sing the words of “Feed the World” sung by Band Aid in 1984. That song etched its way into my heart and spirit and I resolved then to live differently so that others could have what they need for life – so that others could have all that they need to sustain life and live it well. To “feed the world” was part of my motivation in becoming an FCJ.

Twenty five years on – I need to think again – and do more. I no longer feel comfortable in my own skin when I think of the scandal of starvation in a world of plenty. I am not going to worry about the world economic situation…I think that will take care of itself if enough people like me begin to make more conscious choices and if we generate enough energy for change. I don’t have the right to have compassion fatigue – and those who are starving cannot wait any longer. I want to change my life, from now…Please God many others will join me…

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