lilyWhen I read the post that Clare wrote about waste, it immediately made me think of gratitude. When we recognise with gratitude all the things that we have and receive, we become less inclined to grasp more and more, and less inclined, therefore, to waste.

I remember when I first became an FCJ sister; one of the things that I recognised developing in myself was gratitude for simple things… the practical living out of our vow of poverty that is encouraged in novitiate enabled me to begin to see the beauty in simple and ordinary things around me.  I was often touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of an older FCJ who might give me a tiny gift at just the right moment… and so I began to understand what a wonderful freedom it was to live with gratitude.

Working with teenagers here in Europe its easy to see, and understand, the pressures on them to ‘have’ – clothes, technology, friends etc – and yet I also see the tremendous generosity with which they respond when they recognise with gratitude how much more they have than many people in our world.

I wonder how we can nurture that response of gratitude in ourselves and in others around us?


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