Those of you who regularly read our posts will know that some of us take part in a Women’s Bible Study every week. It is both challenging and humbling to share the Scriptures with women who express their faith within the context of the family. If ever I am in danger of thinking I am some kind of “Super- Christian”- I just have to look at those women and I feel ashamed of my easy life.

Last week one of the women had to bring her youngest child, a two year old boy, to the Bible Study as there was no one at home to take care of him. He sat on the floor and played happily with a few toys whilst the sharing went on around him. I could not help but smile at the effect this small child had on the group. There was not one of us who could resist watching him and smiling as he enjoyed playing. Our sharing was tinged with a distinctive tenderness because of the little child who was so powerfully present amongst us. The Scriptures are so alive in this context – real women seeking to know and love God through their daily lives.

I love this group and I am always deeply touched by the way in which we are able to share the reality of our lives and the way God speaks to us. It is certainly true that when we gather in Jesus’ name to share our faith that God is there with us. I always feel as if I come home with a bit more of God within me!


  1. Adrianna Says:

    I really enjoyed this entry. I felt for awhile that I had to be a sister to fully give my life to Jesus. I am seeing through my current relationship, how beautiful the vocation of marriage and family can be. It is amazing how God calls us to live for him in so many different ways.

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thank you for your sharing Adrianna…you are so right….God calls each of us – quite uniquely…And there are so many ways in which we can give ourselves to God. From my observation and from what I know from my close family and friends the vocation of marriage and family life is truly beautiful…and in my opinion very radical…it is so demanding! I don’t think I have what it takes! That little boy I wrote about has Down’s Syndrome – and currently he has fever…His parents are often up all night with him – and I have never heard them complain. They take such great care of him…and of his four elder sisters who are aged from 3 – 14. I love going to visit them…I always feel filled with love! May you be filled with God’s love – and may you bring God’s love to many others…

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