Agnes Dini Hari’s Renewal of Vows


All the FCJs in Yogyakarta came together in Baciro community on the evening of Wednesday 9th September for Agnes’ renewal of vows.  FCJs renew vows in a private ceremony attended only by local FCJs and this means that they are simple intimate occasions during which we can all really focus on what is happening.  Agnes had chosen readings from the book of Ruth 1:7-8;14-17 and John’s Gospel 6:67-71 both of which highlighted the call to faithfulness.  The Mass was celebrated by Fr Asodo OMI.  Sr Margaret O’ Donohue FCJ received the vows and Srs Rachel Duffy and Wati Irene FCJ were witnesses.  The offertory hymn “Take My Gifts” by Bernadette Farrell captured something of Agnes’ gift of love to God: “Take my gifts and let me love you, God who first of all loved me.”  This theme occurred again in the Indonesian hymn we sang after Communion: “I offer myself to you”.  It was deeply touching to witness Agnes’ self offering and it was an opportunity for each one of us to renew our own commitment to God in companionship with her.  After Mass we continued our celebrations by enjoying a meal together.  We had a beautiful evening celebrating Agnes’ vows and also the companionship which unites us with Jesus and with each other.

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