Live a life worthy of your vocation


ovmToday in the FCJ Society we celebrate the date of Marie Madeleine’s birthday. It is amazing to consider the influence that her life has been on the lives of so many others across the last two hundred years.

Celebrating Marie Madeleine’s life in the light of today’s liturgy gave new emphasis to the words “live a life worthy of your vocation…” Marie Madeleine certainly lived a life of fidelity to where she understood God to be calling her, and through her faithfulness she has inspired so many others to really strive to do the same. In many ways the influence of her life is immeasurable, and yet she was always eager to remind those around her that ‘it was all God’s work’.

2 Responses to “Live a life worthy of your vocation”

  1. Claire Sykes fcJ Says:

    St John’s International school, Waterloo, Belgium, celebrated Marie Madeleine’s birthday in a beautiful way. They had their first Founder’s Day and every student from kindergarten to Seniors participated in the celebrations. A wonderful banner with a large picture of Marie Madeleine festooned the front fencing of the school. As the St John’s students were reminded by Mary Fitzpatrick fcJ and Claire Sykes fcJ, St John’s School, (though founded long after the death of Marie Madeleine d’Houet) would not have been founded had it not been for her continuing inspiration.

    It was a delight to hear the youngest students singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Marie Madeleine.

    Thank you, Lynne, for reminding us of the words from the day’s liturgy ‘to live a life worthy of our vocation.’

  2. Dave Says:

    Just to let the sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus know – thanks for the prayers which I got lately.

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