Renewal of Vows


Before we make Final Vows as FCJ sisters we have a period of formation called Temporary Profession. During this time we make vows for a period of three years at a time, and then whilst working or studying, we are encouraged to continue to find opportunities to develop our spiritual life and for ongoing personal formation.

Temporary Profession is usually between six and nine years, so there are lovely points of celebration when the sister ‘re-chooses’ to commit herself and renew her vows.

At the end of August we celebrated MaryAnne’s renewal of vows – it was a lovely day – full of joy and laughter as we celebrated not only MaryAnne’s commitment, but also rejoiced in our own! . Below are some photos!

2009 renewal of vows maryanne (13)2009 renewal of vows maryanne

2009 renewal of vows maryanne

One Response to “Renewal of Vows”

  1. Claire Sykes fcJ Says:

    Thank you for sharing about the day. What a lovely community celebration you have had. May your companionship with Jesus deepen, MaryAnne and may you be a channel of joy to all with whom you companion.

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